Arborists & Tree Doctors

Arborists & Tree Doctors in Chicago

Every homeowner in Chicago needs to know that trees are an important part of any residential landscape. Aside from adding appeal, trees also help cool our homes and provide privacy. There are a lot of other benefits that we can obtain from trees like medicines, shade, blocking the wind, etc. That is why it is befitting that we plant the correct trees and accord them the right maintenance and care.

It’s a heavy task to remove trees from a particular area. To handle trees in a good manner, tree removal service is very much needed. Cut down trees in a proper way needs the use of better machines. Improper handling of the trees can create a serious issue, and the tree may fall on the street or the neighbor’s property. It can become riskier for your lives. To avoid such situation, hiring an Arborist is a wise decision. An expert knows how to continue the risk-free task and manage everything on time.

The tree lopping service keeps the trees, tidy and even healthy in the long run. If an expert follows some maintenance tips for the trees, but the trees do not respond to the tips, then it is the time that you should cut down the tree and maintain its health and root. A tree Arborist is experienced, smart and manages the trees as per the quality of the trees. The expert understands the environmental effect and will move on to the next step to cut down the trees.

In Chicago area, there are various types of trees and species. Plantation of trees brings green environment and give beauty to the society. A tree arborist is responsible for the removal of bad grown trees so that it does not hamper the beauty of the society. You need to trust the service of the service provider and take on the service at best. It will help your property, neighbor’s property, and public property.

Trees are very useful for the commercial purpose. It is used as medicines and other commercial needs. The wood of the trees also gives us the monetary value, and it produces oxygen in the environment. Trees offer shade and give you protection from the unpleasant weather. Planting trees protect from soil erosion. All these benefits are important for the society. To maintain the growth of the trees, one has cut down the dead branches and the wrong growth of the trees.

Hence, you can book the service online and save time. There are innumerable service providers in Chicago who will offer you the best service. Hiring a service will give you more confidence to get a clean environment. It will look beautiful and awesome in your garden, and you can maintain the health of the trees. All you need is to talk with the customer care executive and book the appointment with the service provider. An expert will come to inspect the area and will judge the condition of the tree and take effective action on cutting down the overgrown trees.

In conclusion, it is important that you choose an accredited Tree Doctor’s who will exist to supervise the real job. Inadequate supervision can easily result in less impressive outcomes. Moreover, it pays to do a little home work.

How to refinish hardwood floors

How to Refinish Wooden Floors

In the point of view of many homeowners, refinishing hardwood floors needs a lot of time and patience. To make your wooden floors shinier and more attractive, you are required to spend more time and effort completing the refinishing process.This particular process involves three main steps on how to refinish wooden floors.

Sanding the floor
You are reminded to sweep and mop the wood floor thoroughly before it is sanded. Don’t forget to check whether there is any nail or tack left behind from the carpet installation. Taking good care of your safety is important. You need to remove all the small items from the floor completely. To ensure that you can sand the floor successfully, first thing first, you are suggested to get yourself the right sandpaper. You need to sand the floor with 20-grit sandpaper slowly and evenly. After the first sanding job, you are advised to sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of the dust immediately. Next, you need to repeat the same action but applying 60-grit sandpaper. After the job is done, you are required to mop the floor. To be frank, sanding the wooden floor creates a lot of dust and harmful vapor. Hence, you are reminded to close the door and switch off the fan so that you can prevent the dust from being circulated throughout the house.

Staining the floor
You can decide whether you want to skip this step or not. Staining the floor is optional. It is not compulsory for you to do so if you prefer to leave the floor natural in tone. If you want to stain the floor, you are reminded to use the brush to stain the floor with your favorite color. Don’t forget to allocate sufficient time for the stain to dry. For better results, you are advised to apply two coats.

Finishing the floor
Before you cover the floor utilizing the thick nap roller or wool cover, you should stir the container of polyurethane finish. Don’t shake the container because it will create air bubbles. Start applying the finish evenly. The ideal drying duration should be 6-12 hours. To get great results, you are recommended to apply at least three coats.

There are many precaution steps you need to take during the refinishing process. If you want to reduce the dust, it would be better for you to get ready some wet old bed sheets. You can hang them in the open doorways so that you can minimize the spread of dust at home. For people who can’t stand dust, I think waxing the floor will be a good alternative.

Using Architectural Salvage Yards

Shopping -Architectural Salvage Yards

An Architectural Salvage Yard is a marketplace where items and materials from ancient and historic homes are collected for sale. If a home owner wants to incorporate authentic, vintage pieces and items from ancient homes into a modern home, an architectural salvage yard is the place to go to get such items. Architectural Salvage Yards usually collect antique building materials and decorative items from all over the world for sale to the public.

Benefits of shopping at an Architectural Salvage Yard:

1. Authenticity and High Quality of Items:
The benefit of shopping at an architectural salvage yard that most readily comes to mind is the authenticity and high quality of the items in stock. The quality of these items are guaranteed as a result of the efficient manufacturing process of ancient times. This is why it is better to shop for home items at an architectural salvage yard. The mass production technique of modern times is not as effective as the unique production technique that was the custom in ancient times, hence ancient home items are better when compared to their modern counterparts.

2. Cost Savings:
Another benefit of shopping at Architectural Salvage Yards is that ancient items are cheaper than new items. When you purchase ancient home items, you get better value for money spent. Less money is spent to acquire an item of better quality.

3. Conservation:
The third benefit of buying items from Architectural Salvage Yards is that Global resources are being conserved. This ensures that less environmental resources is used to manufacture new items. A person who purchases ancient items is contributing his or her part to saving Global energy consumption.

4. Uniqueness:
One of the great benefits buying items from Architectural Salvage Yards is their uniqueness. When you purchase ancient items for your home, you can be sure that you will not see the same item else where. This will make your home unique. Ancient decorative items gives your home a special look.

The Best Architectural Savage Yards:

1. Olde Good Things:
Olde Good Things is a popular Architectural Salvage Yard located in Los Angeles, California. They collect several ancient items for sale. Some of these are old oak doors, old windows, ancient home decor, e.t.c

2. Gayle’s Architectural Salvage Yard:
Gayle’s Architectural Salvage Yard is located in Pasadena, it collects several types of architectural antiques which includes mantels, iron work, lightning items, plumbing accessories among others.

3. Cox’s Architectural Salvage Yard:
Cox’s Architectural Salvage Yard is located in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. They collect several ancient home items which includes Brass door knobs, oak front doors, ancient taps, among others.

4. Mongers Architectural Salvage Yard:
Mongers Architectural Salvage Yard is a reputable salvage yard that collects ancient home items and furniture for sale. It is located in Norfolk, England, UK.

wood fence installation tips

Wood Fence Installation Tips

Any piece of property needs a fence be it a homestead, a school, business premises and so forth. Various types of fences exist, one, in particular, is the wood fence. It is made up of well-laid wood that adds a classic style and privacy to your outdoor space. Below I have come up with several wood fence installation tips.

1. Determine the spacing between the fence posts.

You should first decide on how far apart you would like to set up your fence posts. In most cases, spacing is between six and eight feet aside. But the corner posts should be established first. Stretch a line from the corner posts to act as a guide for aligning the posts in between.

2. Prepare the Holes and Posts.

It is also vital to ensure that 1/3 of each post is buried in the ground. This assists in holding the post’s weight and enduring the high winds that may come in different seasons of the year. Additionally, you should use the proper tools when digging the holes. Such as the post hole digger. However, you should use some preservatives for the section of the whole that will be going into the hole so as to protect the wood from rotting and to reduce waste and have more green design when it comes to the use of wood.

3. Placing the posts.

You should put some gravel at the base of every hole; however, it is advisable to place two to three shovel scoops in each hole. Also, use a level to ascertain that the post is vertical. After properly aligning the posts, you should support the posts with stakes. Fill in the hole with the soil that you had dug out from the hole while stumping the base of the post. However, you should act with precaution not to disarrange the alignment of the post.

4. Attach the Rails to the Fence posts.

You will need to place a top and bottom rail and then connect the fence posts. In this, you will put a wood joint in which the ends of the track are in one line and are secured. However, you should make sure that the bottom and top rails are measured and are aligned correctly.

5. Place the fence boards.

First, consider putting a simple board fence. At the post corners, install the first board. You should use a level to make sure that the board is vertical and then nail it into the desired place. At the other corner of the fence post, install another board. Also, fix another board next to the first board and nail it into the appropriate place. Continue repeating this action until all the boards are correctly installed.




Small Green Home Design Ideas

Small Green Home Design

A small green home is a house that is both, water as well as energy efficient and is well ventilated to provide fresh air indoors. Such homes are constructed using environmentally friendly building materials, and the site of their construction is used judiciously. Aside from the whole argument of the problem of global warming, from a purely practical point of you view such as the cost of living, limited natural resources, green homes look like a real advance forward.

Beginning with their initial design and layout plans and goes up to the activities performed in the daily routine of living in and running such homes. There are some advantages offered by these green homes.

The area that is chosen for the construction of green homes is thoroughly surveyed in detail to understand the topography and decide how air, water, sunlight and vegetation available here can be used in a positive manner. This decides what materials to use to save water and how to reduce the use of air conditioners or heaters during summers and winters, leading to savings regarding electricity and water bills.

Common materials that are used to construct green homes include recycled timber, straw, mud, hemp and harvested plantation lumber. All these materials release almost negligible or zero amount of VOCs in contrast to the used building materials. As a result, the person inside the house gets better quality air, as compared to non-green homes. These small changes in making a home green, lead to less or no possibility of mold, termites, etc. cropping up. Hence, the green home users are subjected to fewer health problems and save a lot of medical bills as well.

Green Homes are truly designed to act as protectors of the environment and thus, use highly advanced smoke detectors, sensors to find out the emission of carbon monoxide or radon or other harmful toxic gasses. Also, they use fault free security standards to ensure the houses are pesticide and termite resistant.

The initial cost of constructing or buying a green home is for sure high, compared to the regular houses, but the cost of maintaining and renovating green homes is far less than the latter because eco-friendly materials have a longer life and better quality.

It is beneficial to consult a green home expert right from the planning phase to finalize the plan and ensure that you are on the right track. These experts would advise you to go for certain tests to detect air and duct leakage at an initial level and after all the tests are done, they certify your home as a green home and also tell you ways to save energy in the construction phase as well.

A certified Green home has a higher resale value in comparison to the regular houses available in the market. As far as paying for the green home is concerned, do not worry about the loan approvals as many banks and other reputed finance organizations offer loan at a lower interest rate for green homes, due to the increasing popularity amongst people for green homes.